At Sagebrush, we want to be involved in our communities.  In that spirit, we regularly partner with schools, churches and non-profit organizations for fundrai$ing.  Whether it’s new playground equipment for a nearby elementary school, extra funds for mission trips or helping out veterans in our community, we are up to the task!   

Option 1:  Steak Dinner Fundrai$ers
This fundrai$ing program is our most profitable.  Lose the bake sale and turn pennies into real dollars.  Our steak dinner fundrai$ers are a great way to raise big dollars for your organization.  It’s easy…..all you have to do is pick the date & place, sell tickets and we will do the rest. 

Option 2:  $5 Fundrai$er Card
No order forms necessary for this simple fundrai$ing option.  The Sagebrush Steakhouse $5 Fundrai$er Card is an easy way to raise funds for your group!  We donate the cards that have 10 unique, one-time use offers exclusively for Sagebrush Steakhouse… sell them for $5 each and keep 100% of the proceeds. 

Option 3:  10% Nights
Our new 10% night program is a great way to get the whole community involved in your fundrai$ing efforts.  It's easy!  Pick a night with your local Sagebrush manager, promote your fundrai$ing event, submit a W-9 and watch the dollars roll in.  Your non-profit organization will earn 10% of net sales for the designated evening.  The more people you encourage to eat at Sagebrush, the higher your raised funds will be!

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